Professional Affiliations
  • American Dental Association
  • American Association of Orthodontists
  • Board Certified by the American Board of Orthodontics
  • Texas Dental Association
  • Norris R, Caesar R: Esthetic Substitution and Autotransplantation of Teeth in the Maxillary Anterior Region. Seminars in Orthodontics, Vol 19, No 1 (March), 2013:pp3-12
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Ortodoncista y creador del sistema Norris

Dr. Robert Norris is devoted to creating smiles for a lifetime. His unique background in mechanical engineering provides him with a distinct advantage in mastering the forces, vectors, and movements inherent in performing orthodontic treatment. Dr. Norris is a 1992 graduate of the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio Dental School. He then moved to Washington, D.C. where he completed a General Practice Residency at the V.A. Hospital followed by orthodontic specialty training at Howard University. After serving as an Air Force orthodontist in Misawa, Japan, Dr. Norris returned to San Antonio, TX in 1998 and opened a thriving private orthodontic practice. He holds several patents and trademarks, is Board Certified by the American Board of Orthodontics, and is a member of 10 dental organizations and study clubs. He lectures nationally and internationally on topics including esthetics, efficiency, sustainability, customer service, accelerated treatment, and aligner treatment. He has created and manages several other companies pertaining to real estate investments, marketing, retail sales, and a non-profit providing complimentary orthodontic care to children in need.


Going Green

In 2007, Dr. Norris began work to fulfill his dream to make his office completely “green.” The office is part of a volunteer renewable energy program with CPS known as Windtricity. In April 2008, he completed a solar energy project at his orthodontic practice with the installation of 80 solar panels, providing 16 kW of electricity. In 2010 an office expansion was completed, making it the first LEED-Certified orthodontic office in the world. In 2019, construction was completed on a second LEED-certified office. LEED is Leadership in Engineering and Environmental Design and is the US Government’s stamp of approval on environmentally responsible office construction.

On A Personal Note

Dr. Norris is a resident of San Antonio, Texas, where he lives with his wife and three children. As a Texas native, he grew up in Kingsville, Texas. He enjoys snow skiing, cycling, swimming, strength training, boating, hiking, and kayaking. Dr. Norris has lectured throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia. His scientific papers have been published in the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, Seminars in Orthodontics, as well as Clinical Impressions. To date, Dr. Norris and Simone are enjoying their proudest accomplishments, their three children.

The 20/26 Vision

A New Dimension in treatment efficiency. Learn why this system is the most advanced progression in PSL and arch form technology to date.

Dr. Tito Norris

Learn about the visionary behind the Norris System and his extensive background in orthodontics, mechanical engineering and innovation. 

The Bracket Features & Benefits

We left no stone unturned with the design of the Norris 20/26 Bracket™. Explore the unique features that make this bracket so remarkable.

Extra Broad Archwire

The Extra Broad Wires are a break from convention and takes what we know about expanded arches and aesthetic expression to a whole new level.

Tips & Tricks

A New Dimension in treatment efficiency. Learn why this system is the most advanced progression in PSL and arch form technology to date.

Patient Cases

Take a detailed tour of Norris System patients.  The cases illustrate extraordinary control throughout treatment, while producing more expressive esthetic smiles.


Hear from providers that find this system to be an upgrade to their businesses, while providing their patients a more beautiful smile in less time.   

Fotos reales de pacientes usando el sistema Norris

The 20/26 Vision

El sistema Norris 20/26 es una nueva dimensión en la eficiencia del tratamiento, ya que es la progresión más avanzada en la tecnología de autoligado pasivo y forma de arco hasta la fecha.

Visión general

Conceived by Dr. Robert “Tito” Norris, it is the culmination of his years of experience in treating with leading passive self-ligating systems, along with his background in mechanical engineering. Together, he was able to identify both the physical attributes and clinical shortcomings of competitive appliances and determine which design elements would most benefit today’s practicing orthodontist. The result is a true twin, passive self-ligating appliance system having a reduced slot dimension of .020 x .026, combined with a series of extra broad arch form wires.

Norris 20/26 Bracket™ System

Control over torque and tip has eluded clinicians for years and has been compensated for in various ways from specifying additional degrees in programming, to repositioning, to wire sequencing. However, between ranges in manufacturing tolerances and quality control, an inherent amount of “slop” within the bracket slot is virtually unavoidable. This is particularly true in passive bracket systems as the reduced friction, free-sliding benefit is unable to utilize a ligation method that at least seats a wire firmly in place.

Whether it has been an effort to preserve existing economies of scale, or a reluctance to break from tradition on the part of the manufacturing community, a movement towards the ultimate solution of reducing the slot dimension has yet to occur — until now.

DynaFlex, consistent with our new vision for meaningful solutions in today’s marketplace, is proud to support Dr. Robert “Tito” Norris in the development and supply of this exciting transformative system. Not only did we look to collaborate on the premise of a reduced slot dimension, but we also sought to incorporate best-in class features that would be further appreciated by many, such as four true tie-wings with undercuts that can accommodate popular colored ligature ties; biocompatible, cobalt- chromium composition for nickel-free use by allergy-sensitive patients; a flawless clip mechanism for consistent reliability; injection molded manufacture for strength integrity, smooth comfortable surfaces, and increased hygiene; and a mechanical base for trouble- free bonding. Also available in the form of molar tubes, the Norris 20/26 is a complete molar-to- molar system.


Norris Extra Broad Archwire

As with the Norris 20/26 Brackets™, the Norris Extra Broad wires are a break from convention and take what we know about expanded arches and esthetic expression to a whole new level. Once again, Dr. Robert “Tito” Norris learned from observation, learned from trial and error, and synthesized what he experienced from the use of existing broad arch forms into the extra broad arch form we have now developed. A non-coordinated arch makes it possible to treat both the maxilla and mandible with the same form. Thirty percent broader than the broadest arch on the market, this extra broad arch achieves a number of key efficiencies and effects: it affords maximum space as it expresses each tooth to its full outer- most potential; it gains maximum leveling and alignment as the teeth are afforded a greater range of motion; it influences the musculature of the surrounding soft tissue earlier in preparation for subsequent desired reprogramming; and it introduces a collaborative dynamic sooner between the bracket and the wire.

Throughout the later working and finishing stages of treatment, a “Rounded” rectangular (19×25) arch wire is introduced (yet another DynaFlex exclusive) that makes insertion, clip closure, and seating smoother than ever. Norris Extra Broad Wires are the perfect complement in how they fully express the torque and tip of the bracket over existing passive systems, yet without the binding of other higher frictional systems. Most importantly, however, is how they both fit to produce broader, more expressive smiles than anything else available today.


Características y beneficios

El sistema de brackets Norris 20/26 es la siguiente progresión en soportes autoligables. 

Quedarás impresionado con estos datos

Unparalleled Bond Strength

Engineered to conform to each tooth and create unmatched bond strength.

Nickel-Free Cobalt-Chromium Alloy

Cobalt-Chromium not only boasts Superior Frictional Characteristics but is also completely Nickel-Free.

Universal Bicuspid Hooks

Reduced inventory with multiple interchangeable brackets. (e.g. ONE (1) bracket serves all upper premolars.)

.020 X .026 Slot

Reduced slot dimension delivers unparalleled control. Clinically shown to be 26% more efficient than the leading PSL bracket.

Flawless Door Mechanism

Unfailing door with reciprocal mechanism and audible opening and closing “click”, proven to last throughout treatment.

View Demo Video.

Center Scribe Line

Center Scribe line aligns the long axis for accurate placement.

Integrated Hooks

Strong integrated hooks which accommodate all directions of elastic wear.

Rounded Leading Edge Of Door

Leading edge of door which aids in arch wire seating.

Straight Occlusal Edge

The occlusal edge of the new base is straight, so that it can more easily be used as a paralleling guide to marginal ridges of a premolar.

Deep Tie Wing Undercuts

Optimal tie wing depth for Elastic Chain, O-rings, or Steel Ligatures.

Mesial Distal Span Of Door

Width of Reciprocal Door provides additional Rotational Control.

Opening & Closing “Glide” Assist

Proprietary mechanism inside door of the bracket “glides” the bracket open and closed once the bracket passes 50% in the intended direction.

Reciprocal Door Opening Mechanism

Opening and closing forces are leveraged off the bracket, so the tooth does not feel excessive pressure when the door is opened with a rotating instrument or closed with a plier.

Bracket Prescription Reference Chart

   Univ HooksUniv HooksDistal Hooks     Distal HooksUniv HooksUniv Hooks  

códigos de color en los brackets

The unique spring clip inside the door of the bracket allows the door to actually spring open and spring closed once the door passes 50% of its travel in either direction. This spring clip assisted opening and closing is the first and only one of its kind, and is a HUGE step forward in PSL technology.

Dr. Robert “Tito” Norris
Creator & Orthodontist, Stone Oak Orthodontics

Los arcos Norris extra anchos son un 30% más anchos que el arco más ancho del mercado. Este arco extra ancho logra una serie de eficiencias y efectos clave.

Norris Extra Broad Archwires

  • Affords maximum space as it expresses each tooth to its full outer- most potential
  • Reduces the dark posterior buccal corridors
  • Maximum leveling and alignment as the teeth are afforded a greater range of motion
  • The broad shaped archwire is effective at correcting tricky posterior cross bite
  • Pre-stopped
  • 19×25 “Rounded Rectangular” NiTi and Beta makes insertion, clip closure, and seating smoother than ever. Only the the sharp corners are rounded so torque control is not compromised.

Archive sequence guide

PhaseInitial AlignmentWorking AlignmentWorking Finishing IWorking Finishing II
Wire.014 NiTi.018 x .018 NiTi.019 x .025 Rounded NiTi.019 x .025 Rounded Beta
Duration10 Weeks10 Weeks10 Weeks8 Weeks Or Until Case Is Finished

Elastic sequence guide

.014" NiTi Extra Broad-8 - 10 Weeks
.018 x .018" NiTi Extra Broad2.5 oz.8 - 10 Weeks
.019 x .025" NiTi Extra Broad4 oz.8 - 10 Weeks
.019 x .025" NiTi Extra Broad4 oz.8 - 10 Weeks
.019 x .025" Beta-Ti Extra Broad6 oz.4 - 6 Weeks
.019 x .025" Beta-Ti Extra Broad-4 - 6 Weeks
.019 x .025" Beta-Ti Extra Broad-4 - 6 Weeks
.019 x .025" Beta-Ti Extra Broad-4 - 6 Weeks
.019 x .025" Beta-Ti Extra Broad-4 - 6 Weeks
--4 Weeks
--4 Weeks

Rectangular redondeado

Hace que la inserción, el cierre de clip y el asiento sean más suaves que nunca. Solo se redondea el radio para que el control del par no se vea comprometido.

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